The shooter game Valorant was launched in China on July 12, 2023. It had received approval from Chinese authorities with some modifications back in late 2021. In this version, players shouldn't see any blood or corpses.

Developers prepared a couple of surprises to commemorate Valorant's release in China. A stunning trailer called "United Together" was released, showcasing cinematic style with vibrant visuals and dynamic action. 

Exclusive to Chinese gamers, a feature called "Fearless Moment" was introduced, allowing gameplay recording, video creation, and replay viewing. Unfortunately, Riot Games didn't offer this gift to players from other countries.

Additionally, a new melee weapon called the "Flame Fan" knife was introduced. It's worth noting that it is a limited edition weapon. Starting from July 14, players had the opportunity to purchase the set from the in-game store for 3280 VP.

valorantImagen credit: ONE Esports 

Users from all regions can acquire the fan weapon only in the blue-violet color scheme, while the red color variant is available exclusively to Chinese players. It's important to act quickly as there is a limited time to acquire the set. The fan will soon become unavailable for purchase.

Will you buy the new Valorant weapon?

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