JayH, a professional Valorant player signed by Disguised, has been provisionally suspended as he is the subject of the match-fixing investigation. The young player got to a noticeable competitive level in 2022, and at the beginning of this year, he moved to Disguised to play in the Challengers League of Malaysia and Singapore.

JayH has denied all accusations and claimed to be surprised by the ongoing investigation and this announcement. In a subsequent statement, JayH stated he is ready to assist the investigators.

Report from The Esports Advocate indicate that JayH indeed had nothing with the so-called 322. However, we can't say JayH is totally innocent either, as Viper mainer reportedly betted on his own matches during his time with NiP. Betting on yourself is not considered 322, but it still breaches competitive integrity. That's why JayH very likely violated the Code of Conduct, although the deed is less harsh. 

So, there is a possibility the penalty won't be too strict. However, this story currently remains unresolved, pending an official ruling from Riot and the league.

Main image: alphacoders.com