There is not much time left before the release of Starfield, but the excitement around the game does not subside. The developers have kept their promise: the game will definitely be released on time. Even physical copies of the game are ready. One of such disks fell into the hands of a blogger with the nickname DHavenShadow. 

The lucky one decided not only to enjoy the game, but also to share it with the whole world. The blogger recorded the first forty minutes of Starfield gameplay. In the video you can see the character creation menu, dialogs and the first quests. All this was filmed on an ordinary camera, so you should not expect high quality.

Bethesda is unlikely to appreciate such a generosity from DHavenShadow. Hurry up and watch the clip before it's blocked by the rights holder. 

But if you don't want any spoilers, you should refrain from watching the video and wait until September 6th.

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