The cheerful penguins Kago, Stripper, Kawasaki, and Kriko went viral on TikTok several months ago. The Los Pingüinos Meme became very popular and gathered over 1 million views on YouTube. It’s no surprise that someone from the vast number of viewers was inspired and decided to create a PC game in the style and mechanics of Five Nights at Freddy’s.

The meme clone appeared on Steam on March 19 under the name Five Nights With Los Penguinos. In place of the usual animatronics, there are now penguins with cigars, hats, and sunglasses. Currently, the game has an 11% discount. The rating has not yet been formed since the game is very young, but the first reviews are already in and all positive. The meme parody is praised for its animations, easter eggs, and eerie atmosphere.

Five Nights With Los PenguinosImage: store.steampowered.comFive Nights With Los Penguinos tells the story of a security guard entrusted with watching over a mysterious object. At his new job, the main character encounters frightening oddities. Players, in the role of the protagonist, need to monitor surveillance cameras and defend against monstrous penguins.

Main image: Los Pingüinos Meme