The cooperative horror game Lethal Company was released on Steam Early Access at the end of October and has been gradually gaining popularity since. The game is developed by Zeekerss, who previously released several indie projects, including The Upturned.

Lethal Company is a thrilling horror game that immerses players in the eerie depths of abandoned moons in a relentless hunt for salvageable scrap metal. In the dark expanse of space, players encounter a menagerie of celestial bodies, alien life forms, and indispensable tools that must be found and used. Its unique gameplay approach ensures endless replayability, offering varied dangers and rewards depending on the chosen lunar expedition.

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In this mysterious world, gamers take on the roles of laborers obediently serving the enigmatic conglomerate "The Company", which constantly demands a certain profit quota from them. The earnings can be spent on exploring new lunar landscapes or decorating their ship with various costumes and decorations. The bestiary system deserves attention, allowing players to scan and gather information about the mysterious alien creatures they encounter.

Unlike typical horror games, Lethal Company offers a multifaceted mix of exploration, survival, and combat, immersing the player in a first-person reality.

In cooperative Lethal Company, squads of up to four players collect scrap metal and other materials for sale, while navigating obstacles such as hostile creatures and defense systems.

On November 18-19, the online player count on Steam exceeded 110,000 simultaneously, temporarily placing the game in the top 10 of the service.

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Let's look at some player reviews of this project.

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There are thousands of such reviews. Although it's an indie project, it's rapidly becoming popular among gamers.

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Showing minimum and recommended system requirements.

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The game turned out to be very atmospheric and dark. If you haven't played cooperative games with your friends for a long time and miss horrors, we recommend playing it. The game's creator calls it an unfinished product. Now let's imagine how the project will be upon completion, given its current popularity.

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