The fourth season of Chapter 4 has kicked off in Fortnite, in which players will try to rob well-defended bases with cameras. The mission is difficult, as the treasure is protected by guards and an electronic system that fires laser beams. Players will visit a factory of invigorating nectar, climb mega-city towers and explore mysterious ruins.

Each user will receive new weapons, which include:

  • jet battering ram;
  • a pump-action shotgun;
  • a submachine gun with a telescopic sight;
  • automatic rifle with double magazine;
  • turret.

Also, new reality enhancements and valuable loot bags will be introduced to the game. Gamers are in for a surprise in the form of weapons from the past, which they will be able to find during gameplay.

Players will have to capture the "NITRO FANG" vehicle for a successful evacuation. It is capable of accelerating and jumping over obstacles. Each survivor will receive a special medal. The more enemies will be eliminated, the higher the reward's rarity.

Fortnite has added an image of TikTok star Khaby Lame, who will help players defeat vampire Kado Thorn. 

In addition to him, the developers added other new characters. For example, the con artist Nolan Chance, who provides the best equipment. Pepper Wzhuh masterfully evades the chase. Carasteroid will kill opponents without problems, and hacker May will break into any system.

Main image: Fortnite