Activision has confirmed via their official blog that weapons' progression, blueprints and operator skins from MW2 will seamlessly transfer to the upcoming Modern Warfare 3

The developers have emphasized that not everything will be replicated. While the game will introduce its distinctive array of weaponry and content sets, a considerable portion from MW2 will also be accessible. It means that players will save their upgraded weapons, loadouts, attachments, skins, blueprints, and battle pass items. 

In another favorable development, weapon progression levels will harmonize across the board. If users want to play Modern Warfare 2 again, their achieved level will seamlessly translate across both game versions and into the Warzone universe. Furthermore, the Double XP tokens that players have accumulated will be transferred into the new game, too.

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However, among these promising features, there are certain nuances that should be considered. As is often the case in the confusing realm of gaming, absolute perfection remains elusive. The problems, however, only serve to support and fuel player engagement. Therefore, if a specific vehicle or item that the player has customized with a skin is missing from MW3, those items won't be put into the transfer process. Likewise, the music content will remain exclusive to MW2, as well as the Operators that were unlocked by completing missions.

Players will be able to freely wield weapons in both MW2 and MW3 while honing their skills, but the camo will only match certain versions. To clarify, the camos from Modern Warfare 3 will specifically apply to weapons in that particular batch, and vice versa.

For those who are having trouble unlocking weapons through the Battle Pass system in Modern Warfare 2, the third part kindly offers a fix. The ability to unlock previously unavailable weapons from the Modern Warfare 2 Battle Pass will be expanded in an upcoming game.

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