Activision Studio has released videos showcasing the new map for Warzone. The video discussed the work on the location and confirmed that this map would host a reduced number of players — 100 combatants.

Since its release in March 2020, the free-to-play game supported a 150-player mode, but the new map "Urzikstan" reduces the player count by a third.

CoD WarzoneImage credit: Reddit

In their announcement during "Modern Warfare 3 Season 1", developer Raven Software explained this controversial decision:

Our main priority is creating an optimal and engaging experience for all our players, based on critical metrics.

These metrics referred to the size of the new map and gameplay timing. Circle sizes and action completion times will be altered. New contracts and "second chance" mechanics will also be added.

Here's what Raven Software says:

We believe we have found the right balance to offer several stages, starting with fair infiltration and marauding, then healthy mid-game skirmishes, and culminating in the endgame, where the best player emerges victorious. As always, we will continue to closely monitor community sentiment and internal data, making necessary adjustments over time.

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