Cognition Labs has unveiled a revolutionary AI programmer named Devin, which is set to redefine the landscape of software development. This innovative creation possesses the remarkable ability to autonomously acquire new technological skills, seamlessly collaborate with existing codebases, efficiently resolve programming anomalies, and even develop its own AI models using cutting-edge techniques like LoRA. 

Devin's capabilities extend beyond the confines of traditional programming, as it can effectively undertake tasks typically found on popular freelance platforms, blurring the lines between artificial intelligence and human expertise.

Cognition Labs DevinImage: youtube.comThis groundbreaking development raises thought-provoking questions about the future of the freelance programming industry, as the once-humorous notion of AI displacing human workers is rapidly becoming a reality, far surpassing initial expectations.

Devin's work process is approximately as follows:

  • Uses chat to communicate with humans and narrate what it is doing;

  • Has a console for downloading files, sending requests, and other network operations;

  • An editor for writing code;

  • A browser to independently open websites and demonstrate results.

Devin works autonomously, relieving humans from the need for manual programming. However, it is not perfect yet and requires assistance to solve most tasks. According to the SWE-Bench benchmark, Devin independently solves 13.86% of tasks, surpassing advanced models with performance rates of 1.96% without human help and 4.80% with human assistance. This is an impressive result for the first version of an AI programmer.

Main image: Ensiplay and DALL·E 3