An official licensed VR game set in the D&D universe is on its way. The popularity of the fantasy TTRPG is only increasing, thanks to the popularity of such current games as Critical Role and Baldur's Gate 3. Now, it seems, the world of gelatinous cubes will appear on VR headsets.

According to the official press release, Hasbro has partnered with VR game developer Resolution Games to create a VR game in the D&D universe. Resolution Games is a private Swedish game developer, founded in 2015.

Resolution Games has a solid history of well-received games, but its biggest success is the 2021 VR crawler Demeo.

DemeoImage credit: Epic Games

With a fifty-year history, knowledge, and characters, Solution Games has enough material for its D&D VR game. A simple dungeon crawl in the depths of Waterdeep. A story set in Eberron, filled with Byronic longing. It could be anything.

At this point, this is all that is known about the upcoming project. The developers have not announced a release date. However, we can assume that the game will be available both on PC and on PlayStation 5 through PSVR2, thanks to the support received by Demeo.

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