Since the release of Apex Legends, a multitude of limited-time modes offering alternative gameplay have appeared and disappeared. In the recent Apex Post Malone crossover event, which took place in early November, the LTM Three Strikes was added, where players receive three strikes before being permanently eliminated, which many claim "brought joy back" to the game.

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The Three Strikes LTM became so popular with players that the developers even brought it back for a short time, and now the community wants Respawn to create more "weird" game modes.

In a recent Reddit thread from November 26, one Apex Legends player called on the developers to create more "silly" game modes, explaining that it helps casual gamers.

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The gaming community supported the authors in their need for new LTMs aimed at regular players. One of them said:  

Absolutely! I'm a casual player, and I enjoyed the simple fun where there were three strikes. I'd like to see more modes like this.

There were also those who offered their vision of new game modes to the developers. For example, a mode where the zone instantly destroys players. There was also a suggestion to create an LTM where every player is the same legend.

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More insane ideas were also encountered. For example, one player suggested an "Angry Birds" mode, where team members could be shot from a gravity gun to destroy enemy fortifications.

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Such demands for new LTMs have appeared before, but it is unknown if the developers are doing anything similar. All that remains is to wait for an official response, or for the modes to appear in the game.

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