Baldur's Gate 3 had been one of the most anticipated games for many years. The project garnered significant attention, and upon its release, the game made a massive impact. According to SteamDB, it reached a peak concurrent player count of 472,136! Currently, Baldur's Gate 3 takes second spot in Steam's most popular games rating, yielding only to CS:GO. The game has the potential to become the biggest release of 2023, currently surpassed only by Hogwarts Legacy

Larian Studios achieved such astounding results thanks to their approach in creating the game. Fans praise the developers and express immense gratitude in their reviews for one notable aspect – there are no microtransactions. Rare modern AAA-game releases without real-money content purchasing, but Larian took a bold step.

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The developers stated that there would be no donations or in-game purchases. By buying the game, players gain access to all of its content.

The YouTuber Asmongold made a video about purchasing Baldur's Gate 3, stating that he bought the game not just to play it, but to show appreciation to the developers. He admires their approach to game development and monetization.

Among all the Steam reviews, there are almost no negatives. Baldur's Gate 3 players positively highlight its engaging gameplay, freedom of actions, character development, intriguing plot, optimization, and beautiful graphics. We can resume that there is nothing negative about this game at this time.

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