Xbox has lost many of its biggest fans after media reports emerged that exclusive games for the console might be released on PlayStation. According to recent reports, Microsoft plans to release games such as Starfield, Hi-Fi Rush, and Indiana Jones on PS5.

These rumors sparked outrage among the Xbox community, including influencers with significant sway over public opinion. Some of them decided to publicly withdraw their support for the brand, stating that Microsoft had "betrayed their trust" and "killed their console". These are not empty words; several well-known influencers have already withdrawn their support for the brand, announcing it on their "X" profile.

For instance, blogger Klobrille, who has 158 thousand followers, including Xbox head Phil Spencer, announced that the latest news made him reconsider his future support for the brand.

Later, the blogger emphasized that this only pertains to the ResetEra forum for now. According to Klobrille, he "expects nothing good" from the previously announced Microsoft business event where the company will discuss its "vision for the future of Xbox".

Blogger Timdog, with 82 thousand followers, made a more pointed statement. He published a 7-hour audio recording titled "I'm no longer an Xbox fanboy". In it, he discussed the latest news in detail, which he said risks dooming the platform's future.

YouTuber KidSmoove released a video titled "Xbox…. it’s over!" in which he talked about the situation for three minutes.

Online, messages also appeared from Xbox fans who had already sold their consoles amid the leaks. One Microsoft fan traded in his Series X and game discs to buy UFC 5 for PS5 and $300 worth of Steam gift cards.

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Another long-time Xbox fan also sold his console and bought a PS5. He posted a photo on his Twitter of him transporting the device in his car, and then began sharing his impressions of it.

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In February 2024, several sources reported that Microsoft is considering releasing its games on PS5. Following the leak, Xbox head Phil Spencer commented. He stated that between February 12th and 18th, Microsoft will discuss its "vision for the future of Xbox".

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