It was announced by Microsoft that Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick will leave the company on December 29, 2023. Additionally, the leader himself published his farewell letter to employees.

In this letter, Bobby talked about his long tenure at the helm of the publishing house. Kotick has led Activision for more than half of its service life, becoming CEO 12 years after its founding. He led the company through numerous transformations. This includes the start and ultimate success of the Call of Duty franchise, the rise and fall of the toys-to-life genre, Activision's merger with Vivendi to become Activision Blizzard, and so on.

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The company will not appoint a direct replacement for Kotick. Instead, Microsoft has moved the heads of Blizzard and Activision under the leadership of Matt Booty, President of Microsoft for Gaming Content and Studios. Thus, Bethesda, Activision Blizzard, and Xbox Game Studios are now under Booty's leadership. By the way, Matt Booty has already announced that Jill Braff will take the position of head of Bethesda.

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Jill will be responsible for leading the ZeniMax/Bethesda game development teams, which will continue to operate as limited integration units, as well as continue to oversee the Microsoft Casual Games team.
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Braff will lead the team, and Bethesda's executive producer and game director Todd Howard will become her direct subordinate.

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