Xbox Game, in collaboration with developers from Oxide Games, announced the release of the "Civilization killer" back in 2022. The new strategy game, Ara: History Untold, underwent several closed beta tests and was originally scheduled to be released in the first half of 2023. However, something went wrong... The release has been postponed to 2024. The exact date remains unknown as the creators aren't ready to disclose it yet.

Nevertheless, the developers have stated that they'll conduct several more beta tests before the release to ensure that the project's quality won't disappoint gamers. Only after that, detailed information about the upcoming strategy and the exact release date will be revealed.

Just like in Civilization, players will need to build and develop their own civilization. You will start with tribes, where battles were fought with sticks and drawings were made on walls. Eventually, you will lead a developed state that conquers space. The game offers many interesting features, an interactive map, and rich possibilities for governing the state. Ara: History Untold can be played both on PC and Xbox.

What do you think, will Ara: History Untold surpass Civilization or not?

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