The Call of Duty development team has reported the conclusion of support for the DMZ mode with the release of the first season of Modern Warfare III. The news of the discontinuation of this mode, actively used by the community, has disappointed many fans. 

This means that activities in DMZ mode will not affect further progression in MW3 and Warzone. There will be no new content for the DMZ mode, as it seems Activision wants to focus on adopting the experience gained from developing the mode and applying it to the main game. The first season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 starts on December 6, featuring a new Battle Pass and new multiplayer maps. 

The mode will remain available in Warzone with all existing content. However, DMZ will no longer interact with MW3 or Warzone, meaning there will be no transfer of content, cosmetics, and overall progression. It will also not be possible to level up new battle passes. 

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Activision thanked players for their interest in DMZ. It appears that DMZ or a new version of it will return in the next Call of Duty from Infinity Ward. 

In DMZ mode, players would parachute onto the Warzone map, complete contracts, fight against live players and bots, and extract various valuable loot from the map. The mode is available for free within Warzone. 

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