Activision continues to surprise with crossovers in Call of Duty. This time, the developers are not planning to add something from movies or pop culture to the game. The new crossover merges the popular franchise with the legendary Doom shooter series. Gamers can now purchase a unique bundle that even replaces the original animations in Call of Duty.

The pack includes a double-barrel shotgun, a chainsaw, and various cosmetic items. It's worth noting that the weapons have not only been given an appearance corresponding to the early parts of Doom but also animations with a low frame rate. Moreover, visual effects, such as blood splatters and bullet holes, are also rendered in low resolution to match the Doom aesthetic. The set will cost players 1800 COD points.

Players will also receive a Doomguy weapon screen, a Doom amulet, Cacodemon and Slayer stickers, a Doom loading screen, and 4 new emblems. The crossover is already available as part of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone online. The bundle will be a great addition to The Haunting event, which will begin later this month.

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