It was recently revealed that Microsoft is laying off about 1,900 employees from its gaming studios (you can read about it here). Blizzard's president Mike Ybarra is leaving the company of his own volition. Johanna Faries will take Ybarra's place.

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Johanna Faries joined Activision in 2018 and led the esports division of Call of Duty. Later, she became the general manager of the franchise. Upon assuming her position, she assured that she understands the differences between Call of Duty and World of Warcraft.

It's important to note that how Call of Duty meets its players can often differ from the amazing games of the Blizzard realm: each has its own story, communities that surround them, and models of success. I've discussed this with Blizzard's leadership and I'm entering this role with an understanding of these differences and deep respect, as we begin to explore the opportunity to elevate our universes to even greater heights.

The appointment appears unexpected, especially after Blizzard had long debated with Activision's leadership over the length of game development. Former Activision CEO Bobby Kotick urged Blizzard to become "as predictable as Call of Duty": a new installment every autumn.

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