The official release of Modern Warfare 3 has occurred, and we have received the first information about this year's patch. There are a lot of fixes, so don't be surprised if something is slightly different from what was in the beta version.

Perks, weapons, equipment, killstreaks — you name it. Almost everything in multiplayer mode has undergone some balance changes. Fortunately, the Guardian and Juggernaut streaks have been weakened.

The Day One patch largely unifies the game. It improves spawn logic on almost every map, more distinct sound of footsteps of team members and enemies, and much more.

It also fixes many issues in the game. For example, it increases stability by fixing crashes that could occur when launching certain missions. The patch also ensures that the graphics in the game look better, eliminating an issue where resources were loaded in low quality. Moreover, it addresses some glitches that caused the game to pause momentarily after a close combat kill.

This update not only fixes crashes but also addresses some gameplay issues. For example, it prevents players from using vehicles and helicopters to reach certain points. The fix also ensures that enemies don't get stuck inside objects.

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Pressing the "Sprint" button will now affect slide canceling, making it even easier for speed demons to quickly navigate turns. At the same time, tactical overlays will no longer allow you to slide further, but instead only increase slide speed.

This update also includes a few interesting settings for multiplayer gameplay. For instance, it adds a HUD element that displays the current killstreak of players after each kill. There's also a match stats menu that you can view during the game.

The full list of changes can be found here.

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