The hallmark of the Call of Duty franchise has always been its weapons. Developers have always paid great attention to guns, and in the Modern Warfare reboot, they look and sound amazing. However, in the new CoD: MW3, players have started to complain en masse about the shooting process, which is critical for a shooter.

CoD MW3Image credit: Steam

The culprit of the problem is the Aim Sway mechanic. In pursuit of realism, Call of Duty developers have long implemented Aim Sway in their games. Essentially, it simulates the shaking of the aim due to hand fatigue, breathing, and other circumstances. All this affects immersion in the gameplay, adds weight to the weapon, and makes the character more human. But in MW3, developers overdid it, and Aim Sway got out of control.

Players started to complain massively on social networks. Aiming in the game has become terrible, causing only anger and discomfort. Sometimes, because of this minor detail, an entire match can fail, as the aim simply does not respond to the player.

Blogger TrueGameData decided to investigate this and released a video with a detailed analysis of the problem.

The problem lies in the aim reticle shifting relative to the center, occurring randomly and with unpredictable parameters. As a result, players feel like they are shooting not from advanced modern weapons but from primitive guns assembled from scrap metal.

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