On social media, there are thousands of player messages stating that their favorite shooter, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, is suffering from an influx of cheaters. Playing under such conditions becomes uninteresting and unpleasant, leading to a decrease in the user base.

Finally, it has happened. A new feature has been added to the Call of Duty anti-cheat system to combat dishonest users. The developers of the shooter shared this information on social media.

In some parts of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, a cheat has become popular that enables aim assist while using a mouse. Originally, this feature was intended for users playing with a gamepad.

CoD MW3Image credit: windowscentral.com

The topic of aim assist remains a subject of heated debate in the gaming community, especially in the context of cross-platform play. Many PC players believe that the aim assist feature on controllers creates an unfair advantage in cross-platform matches.

Now, the anti-cheat will completely shut down the game if a player enables aim assist while using a mouse. The developers added that if prohibited software is detected again, the player's account will be blocked.

Main image by ensiplay