Mortal Kombat 1 has been available in early access for a few days, with its official release set for tomorrow. Ahead of the launch, developer NetherRealm Studios has released a day-one patch that brings various fixes and adjustments to the game on all consoles.

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On PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, the patch includes:

• User interface improvements.

• Bug fixes.

• New accessibility features and additional finishing moves.

• Various enhancements across all modes, ranging from updated boss fights to 4K resolution cutscenes.

For the Nintendo Switch, the patch is more significant and offers major game content additions like online play, a full story mode, and more.

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Complete change list:



• Bug fixes.

• Added and refined accessibility settings.

• Character polishing.

• Several added finishing moves.

• Enhanced user interface with new settings.


• Major changes and improvements to various encounters.

• User interface improvements.

• Bug fixes.

• Rebalanced boss fights.

• Adjusted progression.

• Added first season content.

• Included challenge towers.


• Cutscene player improvements.

• Visual enhancements to numerous scenes.

• Adjusted story ending and final boss.

• Added 4K resolution cutscenes.


• Matchmaking improvements.

• Bug fixes in online modes.

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• Introduces additional character/cameo list, added arenas, and settings.

• Includes full tutorials, fatality practice, and practice mode.

• Features Towers and Tournament modes.

• General bug fixes.

• Introduces a complete story campaign.

• Includes online play.

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