The success of the OG season in Fortnite is unparalleled. Millions of players worldwide talked about it, and even more played it. This success did not go unnoticed by the developers. Therefore, a new OG season is planned for 2024, but not as a mere replication of old seasons. This information was published by the developers on social network X.

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In early November 2023, Fortnite launched the OG season, which concluded Chapter 4 of the game. Immediately after its launch, the project garnered immense attention from players. Epic Games had previously noted that November 4 became the biggest day in Fortnite's history, as nearly 45 million unique players logged into the game that day.

In December 2023, Fortnite developers announced that they had broken another record. More than 100 million unique players played Fortnite in November. This is a record for Fortnite. Previously, the developers had never reached the 100 million unique user mark in a single month.

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This is how much gamers liked the OG season, so it's no surprise that developers decided to replicate their own success.

There is no exact information yet, but all players are already prepared for the second OG season. Some of them want the return of Chapter 2, others want to bring back the very first seasons of Chapter 1. And some simply wish for the return of Fortnite's past time-limited modes.

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