For many years, numerous people have been relaxing or working at their computers accompanied by Lofi Girl — a YouTube channel featuring lo-fi music and an anime girl. One demo at the Steam Next Fest turns this pastime into a sort of game — a life simulator for those who enjoy relaxing and thinking about nothing.

Lofi GirlImage credit: Steam

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions is described as a "concentration gaming tool" that serves the same purpose as Lofi Girl: to provide the user with a charming digital character for productive work. The demo features the same light and pleasant music and warm color palette as YouTube, but this time players will be in control of what happens.

At the start, you are placed in a cozy room and given the opportunity to control a couple of settings. You can create your own avatar by choosing hairstyles, clothes, accessories, and so on.

Next, you get the chance to modify your own version of Lofi Girl. You can select playlists, turn on background sounds like rain, adjust the time of day, and place your avatar anywhere within the room — from the work desk to the fireplace.

Spirit City integrates into your daily computer tasks. It includes a timer, a to-do list, a journal, and a "Habits" section.

Spirit CityImage credit: Steam

Spirit City is appealing because it doesn't force you to do much. You won't have to work from morning till night, as you might in farming simulators. This project instead invites you to simply relax: sit back, cross off a couple of goals, decorate the room. Or you can just listen to music.

Spirit City is set to release on April 8, and the demo is available on Steam.

Main image by ensiplay