Diablo IV's fourth and biggest season launches May 14. Blizzard postponed the start for extra testing after the failed third season to redeem themselves with players.

In the upcoming update, players can expect balance changes. Item property slots are reduced to 3 for legendaries and 2 for epics. Some conditional bonuses like "+10% damage to full health unique monsters" will be removed entirely. Instead, properties that increase base movement speed, maximum life, and core skill levels will be introduced.

Diablo 4 season 4Image: blizzard.comItem property values will increase, making gear more effective. However, loot volume will decrease to maintain balance. Items will have level dependencies - rarity determined by world level, e.g. sacred and rarer can drop at 3, only inheriteds at 4.

Diablo IV introduces an item tempering mechanic allowing powerful properties to be added. Similar systems exist in comparable games, so adoption should be straightforward. This gameplay will help players more easily farm weapons with desired stats. The number of tempering attempts per item will be limited.

Main image: Ensiplay