Head of communications Adam Fletcher delighted Diablo's fans on his social network. He wrote that Blizzard will fix the elemental resistance mechanics in the second season of the game.

The resistance system initially worked incorrectly. Gamers found out that if you increased these characteristics, they would not reduce the damage on the character. Twitch streamer Kripparrian was the first, who pointed on such problem. He resumed that elemental resistances in Diablo 4 are almost useless.

The game's second season won't begin until October 2023 at the earliest. This means that the developers will fix the problem almost six months after the game's release.

Also, Blizzard wants to add a loot filter like in Path of Exile. Such a message was shared by the head of Diablo franchise Rod Fergusson.

Perhaps the filter will appear in the second season. Or maybe it will happen later. Information about this remains unknown.

Main image: wallpapersafari.com