Lenny Smooth, a Disney engineer, announced a flooring that allows for movement in VR space while remaining stationary. Multiple people can walk in any direction indefinitely without colliding with each other, as the floor keeps them in place.

The development has been named HoloTile. It consists of special elliptical elements that rotate while walking. This will help gamers explore the game location without stepping outside the flooring area.

The video demonstrates that several people can use the new product simultaneously. The flooring will individually adapt to each user.

The developer himself noted that this is the first omnidirectional modular floor for stationary movement in the world. According to Lenny Smooth, HoloTile can be used in VR games or adapted for virtual travel. Larger constructions will be suitable for dancing and theatrical performances in virtual space.

Disney VR floorImage credit: dlnewstoday.com

As for the release date, product price, and other details, nothing is known yet as the product is in the early stages of development.

Previously, at the CES 2024 international electronics exhibition, there was an announcement of speakers that can transmit scents.

Main image: laughingplace.com