Video games not only provide entertainment and immerse players in amazing worlds but can even save lives. A Reddit user named tidyckilla shared such a story. Starfield saved his and his family's lives.

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The gamer shared that on the night of August 31 to September 1, he stayed up waiting for early access to the game. As soon as Starfield became available, he began playing. But then he heard an explosion from the neighbors. He checked and found a fire in the hallway.

Early access to Starfield for 100 saved a gamers lifeImage credit: Reddit

According to tidyckilla, the explosion wasn't very loud. He had to wake up his wife because she wasn't disturbed by it. The fire spread rapidly, surrounding their house from both sides. The family managed to get out before the flames blocked the doors and reached the windows. They had to feel their way out due to heavy smoke. The fire alarm only went off after they opened the door to the street.

The gamer also mentioned he managed to save his console. He continued playing the game at a hotel.

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