On February 12th, the developers of Escape from Tarkov began rolling out update and shared some interesting details. One of the new features is the ability to separately purchase an expansion for the in-game stash for items. This option seems to be aimed at those who purchased the standard edition of Escape from Tarkov with the normal stash size. Buyers of the expanded versions immediately receive an increased stash size.

Escape from TarkovImage credit: kanobu.ru

Furthermore, players will be able to buy access to a training cooperative mode, which previously was only available to purchasers of the Edge of Darkness edition, now discontinued.

Access to both options will be opened in the coming days on the Escape from Tarkov website.

Escape from TarkovImage credit: mein-mmo.de

Users reacted differently to this news, but some participants were dissatisfied with this innovation. Some are upset that their purchase of the most expensive edition is devalued. Others dislike that the "privileges" are now accessible to any player.

Several more changes include:

  • Reworked damage through multi-layer armor.
  • Changed the settings for the spawns of random containers to reduce the chance of an empty container appearing.
  • Fixed the absence of camera shake when firing from stationary weapons.
  • Fixed some errors in the vaulting mechanics that led to ejections, stickings, and fallings through geometry.
  • Fixed infinite loading when trying to load into a completed raid after reconnecting.
  • Fixed incorrect logic for the availability of a new quest after failing the previous one.
  • Fixed incorrect movement speed of bots in some cases.

Main image by Easy Diffusion