Recently, we reported that the famous rapper Eminem officially confirmed a collaboration with Fortnite. He wrote about this on his social network "X".

Yesterday, the official video of the "Real Slim Shady" emote in Fortnite was released.

Epic Games is always looking for ways to take Fortnite skins to the next level, and the rapper's skin is no exception. It is the most impressive of all available. Eminem is the first musician whose virtual model (Slim Shady skin) opens and closes its mouth in time with the music.

This character will not only fight desperately and move around but will also sing when set up correctly. This happens when using the Slim Shady emote. Although all skins can use this emote, none articulate the lyrics of the song except the real Slim Shady. And this is quite an impressive mechanic.

Also, three new musician-themed icon series skins have been introduced in the game. They include:

  • Slim Shady;
  • Rap Boy;
  • Marshall Never More.

If you want to purchase them separately, they cost around 1500 V-bucks each. However, if you buy them together, it will cost 2500 V-bucks.

By the way, the rapper will perform a virtual concert in the game on December 2, so don't miss this event.

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