The developers of Fortnite announced the Big Bang event, which is expected to mark "the beginning of a new era of the game." Rapper Eminem has already confirmed his participation.

In "X," Eminem published a short teaser. The clip shows the game's title appearing on the screen of an old television, then transforming into Ǝ — the artist's symbol. The message itself reads "calling all grandmas 12.2". This hints that the rapper will indeed appear at the Big Bang event, which apparently starts on December 2nd.

According to data miners, after Eminem's concert in the game, a skin featuring his likeness will be available. It will be presented in two versions: a regular one and an exclusive Marshall Magma, which players can earn by participating in the event. A possible version of the skin can be seen below.

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The last major gaming collaboration with an artist was with Ariana Grande. Her concert event was limited to a musical experience. Eminem has confirmed that his collaboration with Fortnite will extend to a concert event at the end of the season. Many speculate that this will be a musical farewell to the fourth chapter of Season 5.

The live event could conclude with a performance by the rapper. Alternatively, he could be the one to split the universe. Theoretically, this would pave the way for a collision of universes and open doors to new experiences.

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More details have become known thanks to data miners and insiders. All the information below is based on their publications.

The Big Bang event is not just a concert. In addition to the musical event, the game will introduce 3 special modes. Also, expect many cosmetic items, emotes, and so on, related to Eminem and LEGO.

In The Rocket Racing, players will compete in accurately performing stunts while driving cars. The rules will mimic the main gameplay mode of Rocket League.

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Rhythm game enthusiasts will get their mode in Fortnite. It is known that gamers will be able to choose the difficulty, and the songs will consist of different numbers of soundtracks.

The most extensive mode will be a collaboration with LEGO. Players will control mini-figures that need to be customized. It is suggested to explore procedurally generated worlds, mine resources, build buildings, complete quests from NPCs, and more.

Are you looking forward to Eminem's appearance in the game?

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