Within the gaming realm, the NVIDIA GTX series has long served as a steadfast ally, delivering solid performance without breaking the bank. Yet, they no longer match up to the evolving standards and demands of today's high-caliber games. This chapter closes as NVIDIA ceases the creation of its GeForce GTX 16 series, the final chapter in the GTX legacy, as unveiled by sources from the Asian media landscape referencing the company's newest strategic outline.

NVIDIAImage: videocardz.com

Asian journalists have brought to light, based on the latest strategic blueprint from NVIDIA, that the manufacture of GTX 16 series GPUs concluded in early 2024. The distribution of the remaining stock is now in the hands of graphics card producers. Forecasts suggest a complete sell-through of GTX 16 inventory in the coming one to three months. With the GTX 1650 and GTX 1630 being the final offerings. They complement the discontinued GTX 16 SUPER variants within the earlier ceased lineup.

The portfolio's entry-level now ascends to the RTX 20 series, setting the RTX 2050 for mobile and RTX 3050 for desktop as the foundational benchmarks for modern graphics solutions.

NVIDIA maintains its commitment to offering driver updates, extending this service to even the GTX 700 series. This ensures GTX 16 series cardholders will keep enjoying the latest software improvements for an extended period.

Main image by Ensiplay