Users have noticed that the Stranger Things and Futurama sets have reappeared in the Fortnite store. This turn of events was unexpected for the fandom, as it happened just a few weeks after the Stranger Things Eleven set first debuted in Fortnite in the 27.00 update.

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Contents of the Fortnite Stranger Things set:

  • Eleven (Epic Outfit)
  • Hopper's Cabin Diorama (Rare Back Bling)
  • Eddie's Spear (Uncommon Pickaxe)
  • Steve's Bat (Uncommon Harvesting Tool)
  • Telekinetic Power Breakfast (Emote)

However, players themselves did not appreciate the return of the sets and complained about the lack of truly interesting new content during and before the holidays. It's also worth mentioning that last week, the John Wick skin was re-added to the Fortnite store.

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Looking at the total cost of individual items from the newly introduced set, it amounts to 3,100 V-bucks. The entire set is sold for 2,500 V-bucks. It is currently unknown how long the Fortnite Stranger Things crossover set will be available in the game. New cosmetic items usually remain in the item shop for up to two weeks, but their reappearance in the game has always been unpredictable.

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