Players can look forward to a month filled with exciting in-game items, starting with the release of the December Fortnite Crew Pack.

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The Fortnite Crew Pack is a subscription service popular with many players due to its excellent value for money. For $11.99 a month, players get free access to the Battle Pass. They also receive:

  • Exclusive cosmetic items;
  • Rocket League pass;
  • 1000 V-Bucks.

Although it's a monthly subscription, gamers can cancel their Fortnite Crew plan at any time to avoid renewal.

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Several Legacy Sets have been included in the Crew Pack, with the most recent being the Hybrid Evolved Legacy Set in November 2023. Over the last few months, these sets have become a regular bonus for Fortnite Crew members.

Epic Games announced that the Skull Scout skin will be the main cosmetic feature in the December Fortnite Crew Pack. When the v27.10 patch was released, adding the 7th and 8th seasons to the game, it also included more game files set to be released in the future, including the Skull Scout cosmetic set. 

According to iFireMonkey, a reliable Fortnite information source, the Skull Scout skin has six styles:

  • Default Skull Scout;
  • Elysian Legacy;
  • Auric Legacy;
  • Phase Legacy;
  • Rimebound Legacy;
  • Cosmic Legacy.

In addition to the skin, players will receive the Expert’s Bonebag back bling and the Reconner’s Reckoning harvesting tool.

The Fortnite Crew Pack will be released on November 30, 2023.

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