The first season of Fortnite, Chapter 5, has only been running for a month. It introduced 3 new modes and added entertaining crossovers. In the battle royale segment, a new weapon modification system and movement mechanics lead the wave of new changes. However, not every new feature has been well received by players, such as the maligned Ballistic Shield.

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The sniper rifles have caused the most anger. Fortnite players are going crazy over how good they have become.

The weapon modification system allows players to use snipers in the most unfair ways possible, for instance, by removing the optical sight. They can also shoot you with a single shot, and while technically this is "realistic," blending realism with video games is a fine line.

Fortnite player Micawavetv shared their experience in Chapter 5. And as expected, it's a small sniper montage. The twist? It's not their sniping, it's the enemies shooting at them.

One comment pointed out another alarming issue that’s gone under the radar: 

If you are getting absolutely beamed, there should be an aim penalty. 

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