Reddit users have reported that a new free back bling and wrap for Fortnite are currently available on the Epic Games Store.

However, some users have noticed that the green texture on the cape cloak is not displaying properly, instead appearing as a solid black color. Attempts to change graphics settings did not resolve the issue, according to players. Fans speculate the cause could be related to rendering, as certain glowing textures may not display correctly in Performance mode. Many have confirmed the problem persists even when using DirectX 11 and Epic graphics settings.

Free Combo Pack in Fortnite Image: youtube.comAccording to player reports on Reddit, the texture on the wing-like cape fails to render correctly. Instead of the intended design, the cosmetic appears as a plain black cape, contrary to the promotional images on Epic Games. Fans jokingly suggest the clothing is actually reactive and requires specific actions, such as achieving 10 kills in matches, to activate its true appearance. However, this humorous theory has been debunked by users.

At the moment, Epic Games has not addressed the issue. Players are requesting that the developers fix the bug to ensure the cape cloak displays as intended in the official images.

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