Get ready, because the next Genshin Impact update is coming out on December 20. Unfortunately, this time players should not expect new locations, as the Fontaine story arc has concluded.

New Characters

The first character deserving close attention is Navia. The Navia: Helm of the Radiant Rose, the current President of Spina di Rosula, and simply a striking character whose design terrifies all cosplayers. It's worth noting that her signature weapon has a unique appearance.

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She is a Geo damage dealer using a two-handed sword. Her elemental skill is a shot from an umbrella gun. It deals Geo damage and is strengthened by picking up crystals from Geo reactions. Her Elemental Burst is also a shot, but with a full barrage. It deals instant area damage, followed by damage from 'fire support' over several seconds.

Next is another new character, Chevreuse. A 4-star Pyro healer, Chevreuse can make players see the Overload reaction in a new light, as she increases the damage of Pyro and Electro characters, heals the active character, and cuts the enemies' resistance. With her in the squad, you don't need an Anemo character with the Emerald Shadow, she does everything herself.

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New Weapons

Patch 4.3 is expected to introduce two new weapons — Navia's signature two-handed sword called Verdict and an event-specific two-handed sword, the Ultimate Overlord's Mega Magic Sword.

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The Verdict Claymore increases the wielder's attack power and also allows collecting "Seals" when anyone from the team picks up a crystal created by the Crystallization reaction.

The event-specific Ultimate Overlord's Mega Magic Sword, with a sub-stat on energy recharge, will increase the attack power depending on the number of melusines helped by the hero in the village of Merusi".

New Artifacts

One of the most important features that the 4.3 update will bring is changes to the artifact system. More flexible sorting parameters and even a recommendation system will be added, which will help both beginners and experienced players. The trial completion systems (which can be interrupted and resumed from where you left off) and the commission system (automatic resource collection and re-sending of "expeditions") will be optimized.

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In the game, there will be 2 sets of artifacts designed for Fontaine characters and heroes from other regions:

The set for Crystallization play "Nighttime Whispers in the Echoing Woods":

  • 2 pieces increase attack by 18%;
  • 4 pieces increase Geo damage by 20% after activating an elemental skill for 10 seconds. If the character has a shield created by the Crystallization reaction during skill activation, Geo damage is increased by an additional 150%. The extra increase is reset one second after the shield disappears.

The set for healers "Song of Days Past":

  • 2 pieces provide a 15% healing bonus;
  • 4 pieces trigger a 6-second "Aspiration" effect. It records the amount of healing done up to 15,000 HP. After the timer expires, another effect is triggered — "Waves of Three Eras", which increases the damage of any attacks by the character on the field by 8% of the HP restored during "Aspiration".

New Missions

Legend Quests

The developers will add the first chapter of Navia's legend quest called "The Wild Rose". It will delve deeper into the life of the leader of Spin-di-Rosula before the Traveler's arrival in Fontaine. Players will see what the girl does after the disaster in the Hydro kingdom.

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World Quests

Developers will also add new side quests. Their actions will unfold in already existing territories in the game.

Read more about the update here.

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