Google has unveiled SIMA, the world's first artificial intelligence model capable of playing any game just as a human player does. This revolutionary AI learns from gameplay and adapts to any gaming environment by analyzing rules, accepting quests, all without access to the game's internal code.

SIMA's human-like capabilities are the result of an extensive learning process. The AI model has studied thousands of hours of gameplay videos on YouTube. By analyzing these materials, SIMA developed a deep understanding of how humans navigate various games and began to mimic human behavior in its gameplay.

Google SIMAImage: GoogleSIMA operates solely through the game's interface, just like any other player, without touching the code. This means the model does not have any privileges over human players. Instead, the AI learns and adapts to each gaming environment and the new rules of each game.

What benefits does such a model offer to the average player? SIMA can be used for grinding resources, handling the tedious and labor-intensive tasks. For example, in games like Genshin Impact or Warframe, there is a lot of grinding in repetitive locations and repeating the same actions over and over. Gamers can focus on the game's storyline, any other mechanics that bring them joy, while SIMA takes care of daily tasks and grinding. 

Jokes about multiplayer for loners become outdated: you can invite SIMA as a friend and play together.

Main image: Ensiplay