Hardcore modes offer a unique Call of Duty experience with limited HUDs and much lower health. But will MW3 bring them back into the rotation? That's the question many players who already can't wait for the shooter's release are asking.

Hardcore modes have been some of the most popular since 2007. But not every CoD game is capable of turning them on quickly. In some cases, they have been missing at launch, which has angered and frustrated gamers.

CoD MW3Image credit: callofduty.com

The campaign has already managed to disappoint fans of the game series, so they are waiting for multiplayer, as well as a mode where they will have to work hard and suffer a lot. So should they expect hardcore? The answer is yes. It has been confirmed that Modern Warfare 3 will indeed have a hardcore mode. Moreover, it will be available from day one when the game releases on November 10.

The developers revealed this when Modern Warfare 3 was first announced. This is much different from the way things were handled during the release of Modern Warfare 2. After a negative reaction, the MW2 developers reinstated the hardcore mode a few months after launch.

At this point, there are no details on how the hardcore version of MW3 might work. Many aspects of the game are still a secret, but we won't have long to wait, because tomorrow gamers around the world will be able to play CoD: Modern Warfare 3.

Main image: callofduty.fandom.com