Arrowhead Game Studios announced that it will release updates for Helldivers 2 this week. These updates aim to address several serious problems, such as matchmaking, server load, and more. The first update is expected to be released very soon, specifically tomorrow, so be prepared!

The developers also warned that the updates might not solve all problems and that they will continue to make improvements in the near future.

Helldivers 2Image credit: Steam

So, why do players constantly encounter issues in the game? Helldivers 2 turned out to be an incredibly successful project, even more so than the developers anticipated. Due to overloaded servers, the number of concurrent players in the game was limited to 450,000. According to the latest counts, Helldivers 2 surpassed the mark of 400,000 concurrent players on Steam alone.

Arrowhead Game Studios is also working on a new content roadmap. According to the studio, Helldivers 2 will "likely" receive cross-progression between the PC and PS5 versions "sometime in the future".

Main image by ensiplay