Antistatic Studio, comprising developers from the Cyberpunk 2077, Bioshock, and Bordelands series, has introduced its debut project under the working title Hornet. This cooperative tactical shooter is styled after body-cam footage, with developers emphasizing a dark atmosphere and immersion that extends beyond traditional video games.

The first gameplay trailer, featuring footage recorded from a shooter's body camera, has surfaced online.

Furthermore, the official website mentions that the game will offer an open world filled with dynamic events, blending an enthralling immersive simulation with the best survival gaming experiences.

In Hornet, players aim to locate and neutralize any paranormal activity using any means necessary, operating under the harsh conditions of a post-nuclear European continent.

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Hornet is born from the passion of Antistatic Studios' staff for the supernatural, military history, and the largest paranormal online communities.

Antistatic plans to showcase a Hornet demo behind closed doors at the GDC conference from March 18 to 22 and also conduct a series of closed tests of the early version of the game. The project is expected to enter full-scale production by the end of 2024.

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