Not long ago, Warzone 2.0 introduced operators from "The Boys" series. After this update, the game has become to feel itself really bad. Surprisingly to Activision, gamers didn't experience joy but rather bouts of discomfort: players were dissatisfied, and constant complaints arose. Encountering superheroes on the battlefield only fueled anger, and something needed to be done about it.

Fans of shooters value Call of Duty for its realism and tactical battles. As a result, they received an illegitimate child of Fortnite and CoD. The game ceased to be serious, yet it didn't become a lighthearted amusement park either.

Activision decided to make the gameplay softer, quite literally. Thus, in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0, meow-content appeared — or rather, cats. Fluffy, yet simultaneously brutal warriors are ready to enter the battlefield and fight against humans for their wet food... I mean, for honor and dignity!

The "laser cats!" cosmetic add-on includes the Sgt. Pspsps Operator skin and the Sgt. Sprinkles Operator skin. You can purchase these furry operators for 2,400 CoD points (equivalent to $20).

In the package, you'll receive not only adorable kitties with soft paws and cute faces but also some skins and items: 

  • weapon camos "Cat Scratch" and "the Claw" machine gun; 
  • vinyl stickers for vehicles; 
  • emblems and weapon charm "Fishbone."

By the way, "laser cats!" complements the "The Boys" set, which is undoubtedly delightful.

Have you already played as a cat?

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