Epic Games is also looking forward to Halloween, and for several years has organized the event "Fortnite: Nightmares". The event will start soon, so the company has released a more detailed description of the event and its accompanying content. 

Typically, during this spooky season, the "Epics" release new weapons, tasks, skins, and much more for Fortnite. What awaits gamers in 2023:

  • The "Pine Stick" shotgun, pumpkin thrower, and witch's broom from chests. To get the vampire blade of Thorne, you have to defeat this very bloodsucker Thorne.
  • Candies. Each sweet has a unique effect. For example, it reduces the gravity effect on the character.
  • Rewards for completing "Fortnite: Nightmares" quests: a back decoration, emote, banner emblem, skydiving trail, glider, and more. New missions will open over time.
  • You can play "Horde Rush" again. In this mode, teams need to fight waves of enemies. Prizes include a wrap, emote, and pickaxe.
  • Familiar faces. Among the new ones are the curse of Pharaoh Set, Swampy Carp, a dweller of gloomy swamps, tail demon Meowscles, and underwater Ritual Fedra.
  • Later in the event, Jack Skellington's gear from "The Nightmare Before Christmas", maniac Michael Myers' from the "Halloween" horrors, and writer Alan Wake's from the eponymous games will appear in the store.

Now a bit more detail about the new skins.

Together with Jack Skellington, you will get his alternative Santa Jack style, which you can switch to in your locker closer to Christmas. You will also get the peppermint umbrella pickaxe, zero back decoration, and Jack's glider.

FortniteImage credit: Reddit

Michael Myers doesn't have as much as Jack Skellington. Players who choose to wear the bleached Captain Kirk mask will also get a knife pickaxe, a pumpkin back decoration, and Michael's emote playing the Halloween theme.

FortniteImage credit: Reddit

The package with Alan Wake includes unique items that may become available after the game's release date — October 27. You will also receive a back decoration, bags, a scepter pickaxe, and a cloak.

FortniteImage credit: Reddit

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