Together with the full release of CoD: Modern Warfare 3, players will have access to an extensive weapon customization system. Unlike previous games, this shooter stands out with a truly huge number of items for customizing guns. Preliminary estimates suggest that there will be nearly 2,000 unique camouflages to unlock for free, not counting paid skins.

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Ahead of the imminent launch of Modern Warfare 3's online mode, Activision has shared details about the weapon customization system in the game. By and large, the new shooter will retain the familiar camouflage system, but it will be significantly improved and expanded. As in Modern Warfare 2, players will be able to change the appearance of their weapons by adding:

  • camouflage;
  • a charm;
  • a decal;
  • up to three stickers.

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The main innovation of the new shooter will be the number of camouflages. In total, Modern Warfare 3 will have 1746 camouflages available. And that’s not even counting new camouflages that may appear with future weapons. In addition, all the challenges for unlocking new camouflages will be revamped.

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