Currently, the Apex Legends season is in full swing, along with the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth event. However, the event didn't go as well as the developers had hoped. The issue was that gamers were upset about the pricing of cosmetics.

Respawn published patch notes with some changes. However, the biggest addition, which wasn't mentioned, is that the game finally received killcams.

As user DANNYonPC noted, Apex Legends now features killcams. The catch, however, is that they are only available in the Mixtape mode, meaning in a playlist with TDM, Gun Run, and Control.

Gamers also shared their discoveries, and many were pleasantly surprised by this addition. Most of the findings were quite amusing. Users recounted how they were caught off guard. 

The introduction of killcams in the Mixtape mode raises the question of whether this feature will align with the standard battle royale experience, as killcams in battle royales, compared to standard multiplayer games, could disrupt the integrity of the "Last Man Standing" mode.

Perhaps Respawn is simply testing this feature to gauge player reactions.

Main image by ensiplay