King Charles III, the current British monarch, unveiled a new official portrait painted by British artist Jonathan Yeo. This is the first official artwork of the King since his coronation a year ago. While the news sparked widespread discussion due to the portrait's unconventional style and the King's dramatic unveiling, the internet quickly turned it into a viral meme.

Charles regally pulls the cloth off the painting, revealing an unusual interpretation dominated by red and crimson hues, all while maintaining a composed, regal demeanor. The internet swiftly did its work: the video went viral, and users quickly turned it into a template by adding a green screen background to the painting. Gamers then superimposed a virtual copy of the portrait into various games.

Social media users on X joked that the King resembles a boss from Dark Souls. Others noted that the portrait looks like an item straight out of Dishonored. Skilled artists quickly got to work, uploading meme-worthy creations to social media.

King Charles portraitImage: x.comGamers are sharing short gameplay videos featuring the portrait, not as a mod but as programmatically rendered graphics with a layer mask overlay. The original creator shared the details in the discussion thread.

Main image: Ensiplay