The Baldur's Gate 3 developers have posted a detailed update on Steam, discussing upcoming game changes.

Last week, a patch with over 1,000 fixes was released for BG3. However, more updates are on the way, focusing primarily on performance optimization.

Criticism of the third act primarily revolves around low performance, numerous bugs, and indications that some content was cut. Larian acknowledged the performance issues in the third act and plans to address these in the second patch.

Baldur's Gate 3Image credit: YouTube

The team also discussed the topic of epilogues. They clarified that the cut content wasn't a result of rushing the project. Instead, they initially believed that including it would make the game too overloaded. However, after receiving player feedback post-release, they've changed their stance.

The upcoming patch will introduce a new optional ending with Karlach. According to the developers, this is what the character deserves. The same applies to other epilogues. Larian initially felt they were drawn out and could become tedious and distracting, but the community feedback showed they wanted more.

Baldur's Gate 3Image credit: YouTube

The company will continue to refine the project, fixing bugs, and introducing new features. Larian also promised to expand modding capabilities. In conclusion, the developers encouraged players to freely share their feedback online.

Meanwhile, BG2's writer called the third part a "monumental achievement" and a worthy successor to BioWare's classic duology.

Main image: Steam