Even before its release, GTA 6 gained incredible popularity, with fans closely following its development. Once again, we've discovered intriguing details about the upcoming game, revealing new mechanics and locations in this highly anticipated masterpiece.

A new mechanic in the GTA series will involve interacting with corpses. Players will now have the ability to search and move dead bodies. This mechanic seems to have been borrowed from RDR 2. If our assumptions are correct, players may find valuable items on the corpses and have fun carrying and tossing them at passersby.

1Image credit: cq.ru

The next piece of news will delight all GTA Vice City fans. The insider GTA6Videos has found an interesting detail in last year's leaked material. In one of the frames, there's a hotel that players may visit. Based on the sign, this hotel is intriguingly named "Vice City."

Fans have received yet another glimmer of hope that Vice City will appear in GTA 6. Perhaps, the hotel with this name will serve as an analogue to the "Ocean View" located on the beach in GTA Vice City. Adding to the news about Vice City are rumors that the game will feature areas such as Key Biscayne with the "Four Seasons" hotel and Brickell. If this is true, we will get to see Miami's beaches, the port area, and the downtown city center. 

What would you like to see in GTA 6 from previous games in the series?

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