We recently wrote an article about such a hit as Lethal Company. It's an indie horror game that instantly gained popularity and positive user reviews. By that time, it already had a record online presence.

Now, the game has risen even higher and has become more popular than hits like Modern Warfare 3 and Cyberpunk 2077, taking the top spot in global sales.

Lethal CompanyImage credit: Steam

Lethal Company has also been named the best game of 2023 according to Steam 250, a service that compiles ratings based on user reviews. In the overall top, the project took the ninth place.

Lethal CompanyImage credit: Steam

The internet is abuzz with clips where players encounter another terrifying creature and try to survive, scavenging various items.

However, the popularity of Lethal Company did not come immediately. The project was released in early access on October 24. It received its first thousand reviews only by the end of the month. Gradually, more people, and most importantly, streamers, became aware of the horror game.

The indie horror has become the highest-rated project of 2023. A record online presence for Lethal Company was recorded yesterday, reaching 184,000 people. The author has already thanked gamers for their support and announced that updates are being prepared.

Main image: playground.ru