Life by You, a life simulator from Rod Humble, the former lead developer of The Sims series at Electronic Arts, is on the horizon. Humble, known for his heartfelt approach and detailed visualization of real life in The Sims 2, where players first encounter him when starting a new household or family, has earned a devoted fan base for his work on the beloved series.

Humble's new life simulator, Life by You, is set to launch in early access on PC in June 2024. Paradox is pleased with the build and ready to send it into beta. Given Humble's experience with The Sims, many gamers anticipate the new title will be a worthy contender to EA's popular franchise.

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The early access launch of Life by You marks a significant milestone for fans of the genre. With Humble's pedigree from the legendary The Sims 2, players expect a high-quality, detailed, and innovative experience. The Sims series under EA's stewardship has long lacked competition, but soon two contenders will emerge: Life by You and inZOi.

June 2024 can't come soon enough for gamers to assess Life by You's initial release and see if it lives up to expectations. Undoubtedly, player feedback will help developers refine the project into one of the best life simulators on the market.

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